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Little Miss Perky vs. The Man Who Could Be President

Submitted by charliehiphop on Fri, 2008-10-03 12:07

During the debate, Sarah Palin -- bless her heart -- provided one of those, "Oh my God, it could conceivably get worse than Bush," moments.  Were the teevee pundits watching the same debate as the rest of us? Can the world afford another president who pronounces it "nukyulur?"

Palin's "answers" were incoherent, seemingly random strings of text that she had been programmed to regurgitate.  It was absolutely painful to listen to her ramble so far off-topic in that nervous, high-tempo cadence.  Yuck.

Even worse was her demeanor and comportment.  My God.  I don't want to sound s3xist, but Palin was an embarrassment to her gender.  "Shout out to the third graders?!?"  W.T.F. The <teehee> twirly-haired, dimply, perky thing is kind of cute in a high school cheerleader, but it's not really what you look for in a vice president.  If that makes me s3xist, so be it. 

Hillary is a hell of a debator, though, and she doesn't resort to cutesy tactics found in the "How to Catch Ya' a Good Man" pamphlet.  Likewise, if Biden had pumped his fist and said, "Obama rulez!  McCain drulez!" I would deem him unfit to lead our nation.  No, this isn't about sexism.  It's about the Constitution:  Boy, were those founders ever wise to set 35 as the minimum age for the job of president.  Now if only we could measure emotional maturity.  Palin seems stuck at 16.  She's unfit for this job.

Biden, on the other hand was nothing if not magnificent.  He made not one slip, came across as informed, dignified, and professional -- the kind of guy you'd feel good about having just one late-night phone call away from becoming president.

Those teevee people are so fucking dumb.  How anyone could even attempt to defend Palin's asscan-soup performance is beyond me.  That they would call it a "win" for Little Miss Perky... wow, the emperor is nude as a newborn. 

The polls disagree with the pundits so it's all good.

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Hate to say it

Submitted by Ms. Strange (not verified) on Mon, 2008-10-06 06:19.

This post does come across as a little sexist. Palin is mean and nasty and none too bright, but the fact that she's very feminine is irrelevant. Would you attack a man for being a macho cowboy?

You should also have quoted some of those "random strings of text" that she "regurgitated."

I really enjoy your work, but this kind of stuff doesn't help our side at all.

Yes, I would and I have...

Submitted by charliehiphop on Mon, 2008-10-06 06:36.

... attacked a man for being a macho cowboy. Back when he was popular, I attacked Bush's act at every opportunity.

You're right about quoting from Palin's spiel. Will get on that when I have a little more time.

Thanks for participating!

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