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New Jersey to Lay Off State Workers

Submitted by charliehiphop on Mon, 2009-05-11 20:55

Armageddon now officially underway

This stuff's made in New Jersey?!? New Jersey? Get a rope. It'll be quicker and more painless than waiting around to see how things play out when the second richest, most heavily taxed state (and how can it be that the three richest are also the three most heavily taxed -- seems to contradict the theory that low taxes lead to prosperity) in the union is forced to lay off government workers. In a normal world, one would literally have to be an axe murderer to lose a government job in New Jersey, and even then one would probably still collect one's pension from behind bars. You could spend 25 years filling your desk drawers with boogers as a New Jersey state employee, and nobody would notice as long as you kept paying your union dues.

Couldn't Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi make a couple of calls? I mean... wow... just... wow... when New Jersey bureaucrats find pink slips instead of strawberry glazed donuts on their desks, it can mean only one thing: The end is nigh.

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