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Michael Phelps -- Weed Liberation's Jesse Owens

Submitted by charliehiphop on Wed, 2009-02-04 15:34

Pot-smoking, certified Olympian God proves that winners smoke weed too.

(Note: The author neither smokes weed nor condones its use.)

michael phelps gets high Kudos to Michael Phelps for being "stupid" enough to let a picture of himself toking a bong be taken. (Can you imagine the size of bong hits that guy can take with his swimmer's lungs!) To all those who say, "Smoking pot makes you a looser (sic)!" I say, "Michael Phelps smokes pot, and he won more Olympic gold than any other human being in the history of the Games. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you idjit!"

Just like Jesse Owens showed Hitler that Aryans weren't all that, Phelps showed the world that weed smokers can be all that and more, or at least that people who are all that and more smoke weed, too.

Personal anecdote doesn't work as the basis for an argument, but Phelps' "blunder" (and I seriously doubt it was unintentional) backs up my personal observations. The people I know who smoke pot tend to be highly successful. In fact, I would have to say that the most successful people I know are those who smoke the most weed, except for one successful older relation about whose dope smoking I know nothing. I could give you some cases in point, but I won't. The list includes (among others):

  • a couple of Ph.D holders
  • a Director of International Marketing at one of the world's largest data warehousing corporations, maybe the largest
  • numerous prosperous businesspeople
  • a few artists

That's just my observation. It's nice that Phelps supported it, although I do wish he hadn't apologized, but I understand the reality of his situation. He is a role model, and we don't want kids thinking that if they smoke pot, they'll be Olympic champions. Excellent messaging, really.

Can we legalize this stuff already? Stop wasting taxpayer money chasing down dope smokers, who are, for the most part, hardworking taxpayers. This picture of Michael Phelps getting high is as iconic and socially transformative as the picture of the little naked girl running screaming from her burning village in Vietnam. People saw that picture and realized the horror of the Vietnam War. They will see this one and realize the stupidity of the Drug War.

It looks like the Weed Liberation Movement finally has its Jesse Owens!

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Or maybe its Muhammad Ali

Submitted by charliehiphop on Fri, 2009-02-06 10:40.

Ali went to jail rather than go to war. Phelps lost his contract with Kellogg. Boo hoo.

That's what heroes do -- they sacrifice themselves in some way for the greater good.

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