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Make You Come (official video)

Send it to your hunny bunny if you're in the mood. I hear it has aphrodisiac qualities.

Does the BlackBerry Passport Fit in Your Pocket?

Yes, it fits.

Applebees vs. BlackBerry Passport

This Passport is such a phenomenal piece of technology! Watch this video where I make an analogy between two restaurants and two types of mobile devices. It is apt.

Space Girl Video - Live

For What It's Worth

Why has #TeamBlackBerry Been DOMINATING?

Disclosure: Hell yeah I am long BBRY.

This will taper to a sharp point about BlackBerry the company and technology, with pit stops, but it's going to begin with a topic unfamiliar to most of my American readers: The Formula 1 racing standings for 2014 so far. Read it all

Why I'm Buying BlackBerry

Disclosure and Caveat:
I’m long BBRY. I’m not a professional financial planner and assume no responsibility for any gains or losses you incur as a result of trading BBRY on information or analysis gained from reading this piece.

Feel free to grab this as wallpaper. Thanks to the creator!

Technology As Epiphany

or "How I Learned to Stop Caring and Just Enjoy my BlackBerry"

"The report of my death has been exaggerated." Mark Twain

Read it all

Video in case ya' ain't seen it or wanna see it again...

Not sure if ya' done seen this or not or if you might want to take a peek again. Anyooz, here she be...

Why the NSA Doesn't Want You to Have a BlackBerry

Note: I own no stock in BlackBerry, and I know not a soul who works there. BlackBerry is not, to my knowledge, an advertiser on this site, though Google may be serving you BB ads. That's on them.

This Z10 is hot!!!


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